Dickinson Halloween

Three year-old Lady Bug Braelyn Versen helped her parents Mark and Jessie hand out treats for the Ramada Inn at Treat Street Monday night.

Some things people come to expect and look forward to like Halloween, and area kids and their parents have come to make Malloween and Treat Street a large part of a safe trick or treating experience. Malloween is held at Prarie Hills Mall where merchants hand out treats inside the mall and out of the weather. Malloween and Treat Street have been happening long enough that they certainly qualify as Dickinson traditions. To those new to the community Treat Street is where businesses gather at the Ramada Inn to hand out treats to kids. Kids like at the mall don’t have to brave the cold or snow  and are in a safe environment. Dan Porters Motors the Ramada Inn and businesses have partnered for years to make the event much enjoyed by kids and their parents. Until this year businesses would rent motel rooms at a fraction of the normal rate and decorate them for kids to travel through to pick up treats and be spooked in the process. This year it looked for a while there wouldn’t be a treat Street but at the 11th hour the Ramada Inn staff stepped up and rerouted kids through their beautiful new meeting rooms. The Ramada did a fantastic job decorating and directing traffic for the event. Thanks to the Ramada Inn the tradition continued uninterrupted. The Press was lucky enough to participate again and I think the new format was even an improvement to an already great family event. Once again there were really great costumes some store bought and others the product of great imagination. All of them took some planning before and on Halloween creating the type of memories that kids, parents and grandparents will remember forever. Bonita Ellis from our sales department and I handed out treats to probably a 1000 kids. Handing out candy is almost as much fun as getting it, and when people asked me how many kids we had for Trick or Treat the next day I could honestly answer over a 1000.  The Prairie Hills Mall and the Ramada Inn deserve a big thank you from our community for helping to insure that our community can continue to have a safe and fun Halloween.