No Place Like Home

There is nothing I like better than spending time outside in southwestern North Dakota, especially during the summer and fall. Last night was perfect I rushed home after work to fiddle around in the yard for an hour, took the dogs for a walk and finally sat on the deck and enjoyed an amazing sunset. This past winter was so long it basically ate up spring and part of summer, so now that we have had a few days of summer like weather I feel cheated when it rains or I’m stuck inside at work. What really drives me nuts is when I have to travel anywhere else during the summer.

I’ve had to spend a couple of weekends of June in Montana and next week I have to go to Duluth for a business meeting, and I just can’t help thinking of wasted opportunities to enjoy more time at home during the best time of the year. Why would anyone leave here this time of the year when there is so much going in southwestern North Dakota? Going elsewhere on vacation should be reserved for some place warm during January or February, because that feels like I’m cheating winter.  I know there will be more days like last night, and hopefully I will be home to enjoy the rest of them.