Dickinson bunglers

There is a reason why people become criminals and for most the reason is simple they’re not very smart. Don’t believe me take the story in Thursday’s paper about burglars breaking into pop machines. Rational people wouldn’t think pocket change is worth committing a felony and the chance to spend five years in federal prison. Not to mention the physical effort and tools necessary to break into an iron box that dispenses pop and on its best week could hold twenty dollars in change. I mean wouldn’t you think a little larger if you were going to bet five years of your life on the spoils of your crime. Even if they did hit the jackpot and scored several hundred dollars in change and didn’t get a hernia hauling it away where you going to cash it in, laundry money for the next six months? I said they were not very smart not lazy, there are a whole lot of legal ways to earn twenty dollars with a lot less effort and planning. The sad part though they didn’t get much money for their crime they did cause thousands of damages to the machines. These Dickinson criminals are typical of the criminals who I have encountered working at a newspaper over the years. The funny thing is they always plead not guilty no matter how strong the evidence. They usually seem genuinely sorry, not for the crime just sorry they got caught. I guess there is a dumbest criminal show on television, which I am sure there are plenty of real life examples like the latest Dickinson bunglers to keep the series running as long as they wish.

3 thoughts on “Dickinson bunglers

  1. is simple their not very smart. Ahem…..’their’ is spelled they’re when used in this context. Kinda defeats the purpose of the first sentence about burglars not being smart..

  2. I understand your story is about burglars, and frankly, I don’t care about them. But what I really want to know, what the heck is a bunglar??

    • I broke into a few soda machines back in my day. And let me tell you, you’re wrong. Each one had ’bout 50 bucks in ’em. And it was a lot of money at the time. I think these kids should just be taken out back and beatin with the switch. And I can’t for the life of me figure out what a dang bunglar is!!

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