Busy Kids News Day

Everyday we print a newspaper, and thanks to our NIE partners we send over 300 Dickinson Press to area schools. We are proud to have a connection with our area students. Another way we connect with area students is by giving tours of the Press, and yesterday we had the privilege of hosting two classes.

Bonnnie Uttech's First Grade Class From Hebron

The first group to arrive at 8:30 was Bonnie Uttech’s first grade class from Hebron. Her visit has become an annual event which we have come to look forward to because her students are well prepared and ask really good questions. Yesterday she brought 14 students along with bus driver Geig Schnyder, and parent chaperone Mandy Beerbower. Advertising Director Jerry Obrigewitsch gave the first tour and the kids as usual were well mannered, inquisitive and a joy to have at the Press. Later that morning Stella Kienzle brought her second grade class from Mott-Regent. Along with her 19 students were parents Desiree Olson, Sandy Huether, Lisa Candrian, Grandmother Kayleen Shoudy and the mayor of Mott and part time bus driver Troy Mosbrucker. Her class was equally prepared and fun to give a tour of the Press.

Stella Kienzle's Second Grade Class from Mott-Regent

Fate would have it that the day they scheduled their tour weeks ago happened to be the day Governor Jack Dairymple visited the Press. The kids were treated to a visit from the Governor who asked to say Hi to the kids and explained the importance of newspapers to them. We snapped this picture of them together. I only hope the kids next year won’t be disappointed if the Governor doesn’t show up. Yesterday morning I received a copy of the first ever Hope Christian Academy News.  Emma Schoch Press business manager Joy Schoch’s nine year old daughter is the editor and is joined by a capable staff of fellow classmates Genavive, & Addie Robbins, Jacob Shilman, Molly Hanstad, Steven Bratten, and Morgan Wardner.

Page 1 of the Hope Christian Academy News

The publication had news about Libya, movie reviews, Bible verses, an advice column, and of course dear to my heart advertisements. I only have one question, how do I subscribe? Thanks Hope Christian Academy News staff for delivering me a copy of your first edition. Thanks to all of the students, teachers, bus drivers, and chaperones for visiting with us yesterday and I hope the news staff at Hope Christian Academy will come visit our newspaper in the near future. I could always use a few pointers.

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  1. Love the Hope Christian Academy News! By the way you misspelled Genavive and Addie’s last name it’s Robbins (sans the son)

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