Arizona Tragedy

My wife Cindy and I spent last week in Arizona celebrating a late family Christmas with our kids and grandkids. The weather was great with highs in the 60’s and void of anything we would consider a wind. My son Justin lives in Gilbert with his wife Heather and daughters Riley and Kenna, and we were joined by our daughter Amanda, her husband Derek and son Tom.  We enjoyed visiting the kids and took the opportunity to get as much spoiling of the grand kids as time would allow from Thursday through Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon we planned to head slowly south and arrive at my sister’s house in Tucson. While driving we first heard about the shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. We listened to the car radio and learned that there were at least five dead and over a dozen wounded.  The site of the shooting was on our route which we passed less than ten hours after the shooting. Unfortunately long before we passed the shopping center at the corner of at Ina and Oracle Roads the finger pointing had begun. We stayed in Tucson until Tuesday morning and the who to blame game escalated to a fever pitch. Everyone from Sarah Palin, to the liberal left was some how to blame and countless hours were devoted to the discussion. I couldn’t help but think about the victims and their families and like most people especially those of nine-year old Christina Green. The reason my wife and I were in Arizona was not to escape the cold but to visit my kids and grandkids, and eight-year old Riley was so close in age of Christina that it made me sick to think about what could have been. Thursday we had spent the day shopping and just like the victims of Saturday shootings never could have imagined the possibility of such a horrible crime.  I’m not smart enough to know why things like this seem to happen too often these days, nobody does.  I do know that despite not having a cloud in the sky the Arizona sun didn’t seem to shine as bright from Saturday on.