Small World

The world is getting so much smaller these days. Everyplace in the world has a connection of some sort. What connection do villagers in remote Pakistan, Afghanistan or Somalia have with Dickinson North Dakota? Polio is still a health threat to villagers in these third world countries while other people on the other side of the world volunteer in Dickinson try to prevent them from contacting the disease. Dickinson Rotarians joined other club members around the world in raising money to eradicate polio in the last places in Asia or Africa the dreaded disease still exists. The Dickinson Rotary Club members spent a beautiful Indian summer day serving pancakes breakfast for $5. Every breakfast served last Sunday morning at the Pancake Karnival will allow the purchase of almost 10 vaccines to prevent 10 children from getting polio.   Thanks to the generosity of our community and folks who willingly gave of their time and resources several thousand kids in far away places that will probably never visit or hear of Dickinson North Dakota will have a chance of a normal life. All of the money raised from Sunday’s benefit will be donated to Rotary International and with the match from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Rotary’s pledge to eradicate Polio from the whole world will hopefully be accomplished.