Car Wash

Last year it seemed I spent my summer dragging a water hose around watering the yard every night, but this year I don’t think we went three days with out rain, and all I had to do to cure the temporarily drought was to water the lawn, and surely that night it would pour. Now I’m a relative newcomer and have to admit I have no idea the weather cycle in Western North Dakota, but this summer has to be wetter than usual. I think we could give Seattle a run for the money this year. Saturday I had the Freedom Baptist Youth wash my car at their fundraiser for Bible Camp. My old green car has never received the scrubbing it received Saturday. My wife I thoroughly enjoyed watching a host of kids from preschool to middle school assist their parents in spit shining our car. One 5-year old expertly cleaned our windows about 12 times, while another of similar age scrubbed the rims. We left amused with a dozen home made cookies, a spotless car and a priceless display of dedication to duty. Today as I drove to work in another rain storm I realized the memory will certainly outlast the carwash show as another rain storm ruins all their hard work.

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